3 ResultsPlus Shortcuts to Start August on the Right Foot

Are you feeling comfortable with ResultsPlus? Are you ready to learn a few shortcuts to make it even easier to accomplish tasks you do every day? Below is a list of a few tips and shortcuts that many people are unaware of. Try them out; I hope they make your day better!

If you want to work through addresses for multiple records, you can highlight multiple records at once, then click the Edit Addresses link in the application. The address screen will open for each record. You can copy and paste changes like a pro from one record’s address to the next. This works for other screens accessed from the Executive Summary, as well. The steps used in the video below are as follows:

  • Use CTRL+Click to select individual records or SHIFT+Click to select all the records between the two you click.
  • Open the Addresses screen.
  • Enter the value you want to change across multiple records.
  • Use CTRL+A to select the entire value.
  • Use CTR+C to copy the value.
  • Use ALT+S to save and close the screen.
  • Use CTRL+V to past the value into the next screen.
  • Continue using ALT+S and CTRL+C to past and save values.

As you’ll see in the video, it takes a matter of seconds to modify multiple records. (If you cannot see the video, choose to view this post in your web browser using the link at the bottom of the email. Also, there are more of these types of tips available for ResultsPlus.tv subscribers. And they come with sound!)

View MultiChange Video

The above steps are handy if you are modifying a few records. But what if you want to modify hundreds, or even thousands, of records at once? Try the Mass Update tool available for people with access to functions on the Maintenance tab. This tool enables you to modify thousands of records in just a few minutes. This tool also enables you to modify a number of fields for a group of records at once.

Have you ever been working with a list of records and wanted to remove someone from it before printing? Or how about removing someone from it, and using the resultant list for mail merge or email? It’s as simple as using your Delete key. You can remove a record from the screen by using the Delete key on your keyboard. You can then print the list or send an email or letter via mail merge by right-clicking the list and choosing the action you want to take. (If you cannot see the video, choose to view this post in your web browser using the link at the bottom of the email.)

View Delete Example Video

Do you have a favorite shortcut you’ve learned? Would you be willing to share it with others in the comments section below? Thanks!