4th of July Philanthropy

This year, America is turning 239 years old! That’s 239 years that we have celebrated freedom in this country. There are so many 4th of July traditions that people and families around the U.S. adhere to in order to commemorate the day of America’s independence. Parades, copious amounts of Red, group photoWhite and Blue, fireworks, cook-outs with friends and family – These are all fun ways that many Americans celebrate.

But one of the most meaningful ways to celebrate the 4th of July is through philanthropy. America’s independence is definitely reason to throw an annual party, but it’s also important to give thoughtful recognition to those who have fought and continue to fight to uphold our freedom. This Independence Day, consider giving back to veterans as part of your celebration. You can write letters to the troops, volunteer at a retirement home, make a donation to a veteran-related charity or simply thank a soldier for their service.

We would not be able to enjoy our American freedoms if not for the past, present and future service of those serving in the Armed Forces. So, we encourage you to take some time out of your hotdog-grilling and firework-lighting this weekend to show your appreciation to a veteran through an act of philanthropy.

We hope you enjoy a safe, fun and thankful 4th of July!