Video Testimonials: Telling a Moving Story


The talented folks on our marketing team are just getting ready to put a new video testimonial on our website. I had the chance to preview it last week and it was a great reinforcing reminder about

the value of our product to our customers. Sure, there are testimonial quotes out there as well, but this time I got to see a real person saying the words out loud, in living person, with music to set the tone.

‘Show and tell’ is not just for kindergartners; it can be one of the most effective tools in your development program and one of the most creative ways to spread the word about the value of your mission and the importance of supporting it. Creating a moving (get it?) version of your message can reach a whole new audience, who scans text but pauses to watch a video.

Let’s face it – text is just words on a page or screen. You can enhance them with surrounding photographs, lovely colors, and artistic layouts, but you still need to engage the audience member enough so that they will stop and read.

Video gives you the chance to bring your story to life, showing real people in a variety of surroundings and, in my opinion, setting the mood with the right piece of music. The subtle sounds in the background can set the expectation for how you want the viewer to feel. In my humble opinion, it may even speak louder than the words.

For some great motivation to get started, check out the article called “And Action! Why Video is a Must for Marketing and Fundraising…” in the July/August 2016 issue of NonProfit Pro. (Sign up for a free subscription here.) Author Amy Bur goes into greater detail on her list of ideas for making video work for your organization:

  • Don’t stress (too much) about production quality
  • Feature people, not just numbers
  • Use faces
  • Make it relatable
  • Keep it short, but not too short
  • Include a call to action
  • Don’t stop moving once your video is complete
  • Get started now

Meanwhile, check out the testimonials on the ResultsPlus website. I think we have a really great product, but why take my word for it when you can get it directly from people who know. This time, you really can believe everything you’re seeing.