Article on Ways to Boost Responses Using Your Data

Perusing the NonProfit Times website, I found an easy-to-read article on 5 ways to boost responses based on data in your donor database. This article seems like a perfect way to refresh and update development skills even though time is likely short for many people as the year draws to a close. Each of the 5 recommendations can be done using your ResultsPlus database and the donor data it contains.

  1. Analyze past giving behavior: From the Executive Summary, you can see each fund, campaign, and appeal to which a donor has responded. You can also access lots of additional data, based on how you wish to perform your analysis.
  2. Segment for sensitive issues: Because ResultsPlus enables you to store information regarding each donor, you can use this information to include or exclude people from your communications.
  3. Use behavior data: if you use ResultsPlus to track additional relationship information about your donors and their relationship with you and others, this can be leveraged as part of you strategy.
  4. Reference past gifts in the copy: Referencing annual giving, total giving, or a single past donation are all possible when qualifying and merging information from ResultsPlus into your copy.
  5. Use additional data in copy: Using additional data in copy is much the same as referencing past giving data when it comes to using ResultsPlus. For example, you could include the name of the family pet in your copy, if it is something you store in your ResultsPlus database. Or, you could include a note about running, if it fits with your communication, and you’ve stored the donor’s interest in running in their database record. Be as creative as you like!

If any of these 5 ideas appeal to you, go for it! Let us know if you have questions about how to find specific pieces of information in your ResultsPlus data.

Do you have additional recommendations for boosting responses? What has worked for you?