Back to Backups

Last week’s blog post discussed the importance of backing up your database whenever you’re about to perform a ‘major data-changing procedure.’ So how do you know when you’re about to do that?

Conveniently, ResultsPlus prompts you to confirm that a backup is recommended when you attempt to use any of the following features:

  • Merge Constituentsbackups
  • Delete Constituents
  • Purge Records
  • Repost Constituent Financials
  • Find & replace
  • Rederive names
  • Run zip code rules
  • Mass Update
  • Global Code Changes
  • Reset Calendar Year
  • Close Fiscal Year
  • Import

The Backup Recommended dialog is intended to warn you that ‘there is NO RECOVERY from this procedure without restoring a backup of your database’ and requests your confirmation to continue. You must choose one of the three options before proceeding:

  • If you are aware of your backup strategy and know you have a fresh and valid backup in place, you can simply choose the first option and continue.
  • If you have the Platinum version of ResultsPlus, you can let ResultsPlus create a backup for you – right then and there!
  • If you are absolutely sure that a backup is not critical or possible, we offer the third option to allow you to continue at your own risk. While not recommended, this option allows you to proceed.

Even if you’re fortunate enough to have a strong internal IT department and a solid backup strategy, ResultsPlus Platinum can make the whole process easier. It allows you, as the direct ResultsPlus user, to make a backup on-the-fly, anytime it’s convenient. You’ll only need to seek the help of the IT staff if you need to restore the backup copy.

If you’re using the hosted version of ResultsPlus, you already have access to this convenience because Platinum is used for our ResultsPlus Online service. Your site administrator likely uses this on-the-fly backup feature every time you request one of the tasks listed above.

To learn more about the features and costs of ResultsPlus Platinum, send a message to or call the ResultsPlus sales line at 1-800-638-2445.