Backup Tips

Every once in a while we hear from a customer who has encountered something catastrophic at their site. This is a terrible thing to hear, and we feel an incredible amount of sympathy for organizations in this situation. It can be made even worse when we hear that the organization hasn’t been backing up their data. Why? Because an organization in this situation may have just lost one of their most valuable assets.

How important do we, at Metafile, believe backups are? Well backup recommendations are included in the best practices guide for ResultsPlus, they are included in the online help, the application asks if you have a backup before every operation in ResultsPlus that changes a massive amount of data, we blog about backups, write newsletter articles about backups…I’m sure you get the picture.

Here are our recommendations for backups:

  • Back up the database that contains your data every day.
  • Label the backup disks or tapes clearly. Use a different set of disks or tapes labeled Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, and Fri. This method ensures that you will have a reliable backup within the week, even if the files became corrupted within the last day or two.
  • Metafile recommends that you make an archived copy of your data at least once a month for permanent storage. This method gives you five previous daily backups and a series of monthly backups from which to restore your data.
  • Store the backup tapes or disks carefully.
  • Assign two people in your office to be in charge of backing up and periodically restoring the data to a different directory to ensure that your backups are still viable. If you are on a network, assign someone to keep in close contact with whoever backs up your system to be sure you have up-todate, usable backups.

Backing up your data may be the single most important thing you can do to hedge against a major catastrophe. When was YOUR last backup?