Best Practices + Best Ideas = Good Results

I recently had the opportunity to attend a webinar that focused on best practices for donor management systems. I attended not so much to learn new facts but to help validate the kinds of advice we give to our customers on a regular basis. I was not surprised to find out that the practices recommended by the presenter are consistent with the suggestions we make to ResultsPlus customers every day. And in most cases, we build specific tools into the application to help carry out those practices as well. Here are just a few of the recommended practices, along with the ResultsPlus resources available to help you achieve them:

Industry Best Practice Recommendation

ResultsPlus Functionality

Track the source of each constituent in your database. This provides valuable information to help evaluate your solicitations and maintain the health of your database going forward. The ‘Source’ field on the General Information tab is designed to store a code that reflects how a constituent came to be known to you. You also have the ability to make this field required for any new constituent added to the database.
Use ticklers to remind yourself or others of important ‘next steps’ for specific constituents. The ResultsPlus Calendar is designed to display upcoming contacts you have planned for a constituent. Pop-up reminders can be set to display ahead of time.
Create a series of steps along a cultivation path to lead your constituents toward greater involvement. The Cultivation Status field is designed to hold codes reflecting the different stages of your cultivation process. There are even drillable charts to show your activity at each stage in the process.
Segment your database so you can customize communications to the target audience. A variety of codes and fields are available to help define sub-groups of constituents in your database. A robust query wizard helps you to define and combine characteristics to create as many segments as you wish.
Look for trends in your data to help you decide what to do more of (and less of). Over 200 standard reports help you find and view your data in a multitude of different ways. Add to this the graphs, query, quick-report tool, and the ability to export into other formats and the possibilities are nearly endless.

Industry practices and customer input have been behind virtually every new feature added to ResultsPlus since it was first developed some thirty years ago. We invite you to keep the ideas coming, and we’ve added a tool for that too! For active users of ResultsPlus version 10 or 11, click the How To tab inside ResultsPlus and then the ‘Contact Support’ button. Choose ‘Make Suggestion’ from the drop-down list, complete the rest of the form and click ‘Send.’ (Note:  you must be set up to allow email from within ResultsPlus to complete these steps.)