Beyond New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!

My resolution for 2017 is to promise NOT to ask what your New Year's resolutions are. I confess to making a few resolutions of my own, and I am proud to report that I’m sticking with them…so far. I’m going to gloss over the fact that I’m really only on day one of the New Year, having already delayed the start by two days to accommodate the fact that January 1st was a Sunday and January 2nd was a legal holiday.

New Year's resolutions have such a bad reputation for failing, don’t they? I’d like to recommend that you think about this in a different way. Instead of setting resolutions, set goals. A resolution is a declaration:  a decision or pledge to do something. A goal, on the other hand, is more action-oriented: an objective, aim or target on which you focus and often with a time parameter to help keep you on track. Goals have outcomes and are measurable – both features which can help you be accountable and productive.

I propose that you move beyond resolutions and set specific goals for what you wish to accomplish in 2017. For example, if your resolution would have been to eat healthier so you’ll feel healthier, then set a goal to eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables every day for the month of January and see if you don’t feel healthier by the end of the month.  If your resolution was to be more organized, then instead set a goal to sort through your to-do pile by the end of this week. If that works, set another goal for next week.

How about moving beyond resolutions and into goal-setting for your donor management system? Here are a few goal-oriented replacements for resolutions you might be considering:

Resolution:  Clean up your database.

Goal: Spend 30 minutes each week using the Merge Duplicates Wizard to eliminate duplicate records from your database.

Resolution: Get everyone to enter data consistently.

Goal: Create a procedures document to highlight the critical fields used for entering new constituents into your database, so that all future data-enterers have a standard to follow.

Resolution: Maximize your use of ResultsPlus to help get the most out of your fundraising data.

Goal: Start a list of things that you haven’t yet figured out how to get ResultsPlus to help you do, then contact the support team to see if they can help you figure it out.

Our goal is always to help you in whatever way we can, and to do that we need to hear from you. Use the handy ‘Contact Support’ form found on the HowTo tab inside ResultsPlus (HowTo > Contact Support). It’s a great way to ask a question, report a problem, or make a suggestion for an enhancement to the product.