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What’s your donor relationship strategy?

Our ResultsPlus team believes that the most important piece of fundraising is a solid donor relationship strategy. Michael Rosen, president of ML Innovations, Inc., backed up our belief in a recent blog post entitled, “What is the Special Ingredient that Leads to #Fundraising Success?” His answer: building relationships According to Rosen, “Strong relationships are the….. Read more »

Special Thanks

Donor management systems are a great way to streamline your development office processes and procedures. Generating gift acknowledgments is a great example. The ability to merge gift and demographic information into an email template or word processing document means your thank-yous are accurate and timely and on the way to your donors very soon after….. Read more »

5 Steps to Major Donor Cultivation

As a fundraiser, it’s important that you recognize that your donors fuel your mission and you want to appreciate the donors you have, acquire new ones, convert prospects and help existing donors increase their impact on your organization. Many organizations do this through a major gifts program. Your donor management software, like ResultsPlus, can help….. Read more »

Guest Post: Three Common Mistakes to Avoid with Donor Acquisition

By Adam Weinger, President of Double the Donation Even though donor retention seems to be the hot topic of discussion in the nonprofit world, donor acquisition still deserves proper thought and attention. How can you retain donors if you don’t acquire any? While donor acquisition isn’t a quick process and should definitely be approached with….. Read more »


This year’s #GivingTuesday came and went in a flurry of tweets, posts, likes and favorites. As a social media manager, can I just say how exciting it was to watch #GivingTuesday trend on Twitter and see the overwhelming number of posts and #UNselfies that dominated social media? While we are not a nonprofit organization, our….. Read more »

Hidden Treasure

I’d be willing to bet that one of the most valuable features of ResultsPlus (or any donor management system, for that matter) is also one of the most under-utilized. I’m talking about constituent-relationship management:  the fields in your database that allow you to define, record, monitor, compile, analyze, and report on your major donor cultivation….. Read more »

Donor management software proves beneficial for fundraisers

Keeping track of donor data, including past gifts, correspondence, event attendance and personal information, is one of the many tasks in a fundraiser’s job description. For organizations – big or small – it is often difficult to make sure that this information is organized, clean and able to be analyzed. Fundraising and donor management software….. Read more »

Mind your P’s and Q’s: Saying “Thank You” to your donors

One of the most important aspects of donor retention is making sure to thank your constituents for their contribution to your cause. Letting them know that they are appreciated and that their money was put to good use is a major factor in turning one-time donors into repeat donors. Data from Penelope Burk’s “Donor Centered….. Read more »

Notable Leaders in your CRM

A CRM (constituent relationship management) system like ResultsPlus gives your organization the ability to track the details of your relationships with your donors. Furthermore, it can help you remember the little things – the details about who your donors are and what they are interested in. As President’s Day approaches, I was wondering what it….. Read more »