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Then & Now, Old & New

I was pleased to get out of the office on Wednesday and spend it at the 2016 Nonprofit Technology & Communications conference sponsored by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits in Minneapolis. The theme was ‘Then & Now,’ which is particularly fitting in the world of technology. Things change and grow so rapidly – it’s hard to….. Read more »

AFP International Fundraising Conference 2016 Tips and Tricks

The annual AFP International Fundraising Conference is coming up in less than two weeks, and we are so excited to be jetting off to Boston to exhibit again this year! When it comes to attending conferences, we fancy ourselves to be pretty much experts. And since we are AFP International Fundraising Conference veterans, we have….. Read more »


This year’s #GivingTuesday came and went in a flurry of tweets, posts, likes and favorites. As a social media manager, can I just say how exciting it was to watch #GivingTuesday trend on Twitter and see the overwhelming number of posts and #UNselfies that dominated social media? While we are not a nonprofit organization, our….. Read more »

5 ways to get the most out of your sustained giving program

Credit card processing has become a regular activity for most nonprofit organizations, which means that sustained giving programs are being utilized regularly in the sector. Quick, convenient and affordable to process, your organization likely has a recurring giving program in place. But now that it has become part of everyday nonprofit life, how can you….. Read more »

Sync or Swim: Using Online Donation Retrieval

If you haven’t yet started receiving donations online, you may have a little catching up to do. In this digital day and age, so many donors – particularly younger ones – are more apt to go online to accomplish nearly everything, including making a charitable gift. And like with traditional giving methods, the easier you….. Read more »

Forecast: Donor Management in the Cloud

Eight years ago this spring, a handful of ResultsPlus donor management customers signed on as the first users of ResultsPlus Online, a hosted version of our fundraising software that users accessed via the internet. It was a relatively new concept then and nonprofits were just beginning to embrace the idea that their fundraising data and….. Read more »

Big names, big changes: Celebrities who “Go Green”

Social media was buzzing yesterday with people talking about how their families or companies were going green for Earth Day. It’s always inspirational to see the flood of eco-friendly posts that take over on the day when people are most earth-conscious. But your tree-hugging, can-recycling, food-composting Facebook friends haven’t been the only ones trying to….. Read more »

Mind your P’s and Q’s: Saying “Thank You” to your donors

One of the most important aspects of donor retention is making sure to thank your constituents for their contribution to your cause. Letting them know that they are appreciated and that their money was put to good use is a major factor in turning one-time donors into repeat donors. Data from Penelope Burk’s “Donor Centered….. Read more »