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Learning ResultsPlus – A Class Act

Class Act Training

This week is training week here at Metafile. A dozen dedicated ResultsPlus users will travel to tropical Minnesota during the first week of February to spend three days learning all they can about ResultsPlus. And despite the weather forecast that suggests it will be in the twenties with ‘a little snow,’ it will be a warm….. Read more »

#GivingTuesday 2016: A Record-Breaking Year for Philanthropy

Another #GivingTuesday has come and gone, and the results of this year’s day of giving were phenomenal. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this holiday, #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving and is celebrated the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, providing a chance to give back after two busy days of consumerism (Black Friday….. Read more »

Guest Post: How to Use Your Donor Data Management to Increase Donations

By Sarah Tedesco, Executive VP at DonorSearch   Your donor data is more than information on who your supporters are. It can provide insight into your nonprofit’s networking opportunities and facilitate the long-term growth of your organization. It’s vital that you manage your donor data, not just to maintain your current donor base, but to….. Read more »

Elect to Support our Vets

In 1918, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, an agreement was signed in a forest outside of Paris to end hostilities between Germany and the Allies at the end of World War I. It was the beginning of the end of World War I and the start of Armistice….. Read more »

Red, White & Charity: Fundraising during election years

The 2016 presidential election is coming up, and whether you are enjoying the debating, political-ranting, opponent-bashing and candidate paraphernalia or not, it’s impossible to escape. The U.S. is completely consumed in politics right now as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton duke it out for the position of President of the United States. The election propaganda has….. Read more »

The Silent Angel: The Secret Philanthropy of Prince

On April 21st, the world lost a musical icon. As a Minnesota-based organization, we felt (and are still feeling) the full effect of the death of Prince, a Minnesota native. It seems that we learn something new about Prince’s behind-the-scenes life daily as reporters uncover more details. One of the aspects of Prince’s life that….. Read more »

The Year-End is Near

It’s that time again – time to start thinking about year-end procedures. If you’re a ResultsPlus user, that means closing out your calendar year, and that can be a little scary if it’s your first (or even your tenth) time doing it. This enables your system to generate final numbers and stats for the year,….. Read more »

Holiday Traditions

On this last day of work before the Christmas holiday here at Metafile, there are people wearing Santa hats, and goodies galore. Even in the midst of a strategy session or team meeting, someone’s earrings will be blinking or a holiday pen will be scribbling notes. There’s definitely a festive spirit in the air, and….. Read more »

Move On from the Mailing List

If you’ve been using your donor management software primarily as a mailing list, where you also happen to archive donors’ giving history, perhaps it’s time to take it to the next level. Maybe you aren’t particularly math-oriented, and the idea of interpreting all that data is overwhelming and intimidating. Perhaps you’ve been doing the same….. Read more »

The Not-So-Social Butterfly: How to network at your next nonprofit conference

For the not-so-social butterfly, attending a conference with the intention of meeting new people and making connections can be nerve-wracking. Talking to people you don’t know, in an unfamiliar environment… What do you talk about, the weather? Where should you approach people? What do you do with those new connections when the conference is over? Isn’t….. Read more »