Contacting Support

Greetings and Happy New Year! We thought we’d start off the New Year with a quick tip on contacting support. Our Technical Support Specialists love our customers and vice versa, so it can be tempting to send an email directly to a specific specialist. We urge you to avoid this temptation and to send emails to or call our toll-free number at 800.222.4096. The reason for this is because, depending on the time of year and vacation schedules, you may not hear back with an answer in a timely fashion if you send a note or leave a message directly for a specific specialist. There are numerous reasons for this, and none of them are that we don’t like you.

Here are two reasons that may not be obvious why it’s best to contact the general support department, rather than reaching out to individual specialists:

  1. The support specialist may be on vacation or out with an illness. If he or she is out with an illness, their voicemail and email messages may not reflect that they are unavailable.
  2. We have an SLA (Service Level Agreement) of 2 hours or less. However, this does not apply if you contact a specific specialist instead of using the group communication mechanisms. Calls and emails that come through the standard channels are handled first. This may lead to your request getting delayed as other issues are addressed, especially this time of year. We get lots of calls on year-end reporting, mailings, code setup, and so on.

Does an email sent to get handled faster/slower than other communication (like a phone call)? Not at all! Calls, emails, and notes sent from within the ResultsPlus application are all treated the same way, so choose the method with which you are most comfortable.