Document Archival

We’re wrapping up development of a new feature for ResultsPlus Platinum: Document Archival. While not every organization needs this functionality, it does make life a little easier for a number of organizations. This post covers a few of the reasons an organization may want to use the new document archival functions in ResultsPlus Platinum.

Store copies of reports. Reports can be archived and later reviewed. The document that’s archived is a PDF version of the actual report run. Because of this, it is a static version of the report from the date it was run. You can use this to compare reports you run today against the report as you ran it 3 weeks ago, for example. Why might you want to do this? If the data isn't what you remember it to be, it’s possible somebody has edited the data in the database record. Comparing the current report against the archive report will give you proof of this. You can then review the records to see who last made changes and when. If you are planning to merge or delete record, you may wish to run and archive a profile of that record prior to the merge or deletion.

Store copies of thank-you letters. Have you ever wondered exactly what you sent to a donor as a thank-you, appeal, or other mailing? You can archive the merged documents for later retrieval. Then, at some point in the future, you can search or query these old mail merge documents to review exactly what you sent. Or, perhaps you need to re-print a receipt for a donor. This can be easily done when accessing an archived document.

Store images of checks. You can capture the image of a check and or a response device and store the image with the actual gift record. Then, if you need to review that information, it’s at your fingertips.

Store images of pledge cards. Much like storing images of checks, you may wish to store supporting documents for the pledge. For example, you may wish to store the pledge card returned by the donor.

Store other documents. Because we know our customers well- you are clever people!-we understand that with this introduction of this functionality, you may find other creative uses for archiving documents. We’ve made it so that you can do this!

Keep your eye on the blog for additional details. We’ll be making these new features available soon!