Drive Your Donors to Give Online

Your organization probably has a website, and you probably have a way to give online. But are you currently driving your donors to give online? Some donors will always prefer to give via the mail, but a growing number of donors find giving online to be quick and convenient. Here are a few tips to encourage your donors to give online. Some of them are likely obvious, but hopefully you’ll also find a few gems in this list.

  1. Ask your donors specifically to give online (but not all the time).
  2. Include a link directly to your online giving page as part of your email signature.
  3. Include a link directly to your online giving page in every e-newsletter you send. This isn’t the same thing as an “ask.” This is keeping your donation page visible and accessible.
  4. For every email with an ask, you should be sending 3 “non-asking” informative, program-related emails, according to the Nth Factor.
  5. Include a link to your homepage (where you have a prominently displayed “Donate Now” button) in your snail-mailings. Direct mail is growing as a source for online donations, according to this research.
  6. Make your “Donate Now” button the second most prominent thing on your home page (second only to your organization’s logo). I’m amazed at how often I still struggle to find the means to donate online when visiting certain organization’s websites.
  7. Don’t be clever when naming your “Donate Now” button or link. Anything other than “Donate”, “Donate Now”, or “Give Today” is likely too obscure, especially for those of us who are having trouble finding the button/link to begin with.
  8. Be active on social media. Online giving has increased in tandem with the rise of social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Do you have additional advice to offer? What has worked for you to promote online giving? Please leave your feedback in the comments section below!