The End Is Near

The end of the fiscal year is fast approaching for organizations that run on a July-June fiscal year. Here are a few tips to support your efforts to report on your current year and plan for your next year.

Start your year-end task list, and be sure to account for the following things, if they apply to your organziation:

Run year-end reports like LYBUNT and SYBUNT before you close your year. Also, you can take advantage of the Donor Retention area in ResultsPlus. Retrieve the list for this year’s LYBUNTs. Place the results in your own group. Then, throughout the coming year, you can compare that group’s members with people who’ve been recaptured (as evidenced by having given gifts during your new year). Won’t you impress your board!

If you use Year-to-Date giving levels, be sure to complete any tasks that use those values prior to closing your fiscal year.

Prepare any other year-end reports you need then close your year! If you’ve never done this before, take a peek at our tutorial on the How To tab in your ResultsPlus application  under “How do I…?”