Forecast: Donor Management in the Cloud

cloud heartEight years ago this spring, a handful of ResultsPlus donor management customers signed on as the first users of ResultsPlus Online, a hosted version of our fundraising software that users accessed via the internet. It was a relatively new concept then and nonprofits were just beginning to embrace the idea that their fundraising data and its management could be handled safely and securely on someone else’s servers.

Today, the idea of anything cloud-based is so commonplace that it’s quickly becoming the new norm. Smaller organizations are seeing the benefits of outsourcing the information technology resources associated with their CRM systems, while larger organizations thrive with the geographical flexibility offered by cloud-based systems.

Customers of ResultsPlus Online seem to like what they get. They’re able to take advantage of a professional team to maintain and manage their database, as well as the software and hardware on which it runs. This includes automatic daily database backups, all ResultsPlus revisions and upgrades as they are released, and upgrades to the related products in the hosted environment (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, anti-virus software, etc.)

In addition to being hosted by Metafile, ResultsPlus Online includes the Platinum version of ResultsPlus at no extra charge.  It contains a number of features that provide added efficiency and automation, including:

  • The ability to schedule reports to be run and distributed regularly via email (e.g., Donor reports sent out to all members of the Development Committee the day before each monthly meeting).
  • The ability to set business rules that automatically populate certain fields (e.g., Entering a death date can trigger the status to change to DECEASED and the Mail Code to change to NO).
  • The capability to configure the import process to pull data into the database on a pre-determined schedule. This also includes an automatic database backup before every import.
  • You can have ResultsPlus display a notification whenever a significant gift is entered into ResultsPlus (to your Development Director, for example).

If you’re currently using the locally installed version of ResultsPlus, and are considering a move to ResultsPlus Online, check with your sales representative to learn more about it. There are some slight differences in how a few things are handled, and these differences reflect Metafile’s commitment to maintaining a stable environment for the ResultsPlus servers in our physically- and technically-secure hosting facility. This ensures the security of your data, and seamless integration with the complementary software in the hosted environment.

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