Fun in the Sun?

On the day I am writing this, it reached 63 degrees here in our corporate headquarters in Rochester MN. Why is this news, you ask? Because it’s the first week in December and snow is far more typical at this time of year. That must be why they call it ‘Tropical Minnesota.’

Generally at this time of year, hearty retirees are already making plans to head to Florida, Arizona, or Texas. Come January, that’s where they’ll go to wait out the cold Minnesota winters – on a beach, golf course, or poolside. They’ll chuckle quietly as they imagine the rest of us, bundling up in parkas and boots to make the daily trek to work in two feet of snow.

Actually, if warm and sunny weather in January is appealing to you, perhaps we can help. We’ve scheduled a three-day session of the ResultsPlus Essential Elements class to be held in San Antonio, Texas on January 22-24, 2013. It’s a great time to get a comprehensive overview of ResultsPlus, get comfortable with the major features, meet other ResultsPlus users, and enjoy the beautiful weather in the lovely state of Texas.

To learn more, see an agenda and register for the class, visit the ResultsPlus website. The deadline for registrations for this session is December 31, 2012 so don’t delay. Classes can fill up quickly and space is limited.

If you’ve attended a recent session of the ResultsPlus Essential Elements class and have any advice to offer other potential registrants, please share.