Gift Entry Time-Saver

Do you find yourself entering the same bits of data over and over when entering donations? If so, there are a couple things you can do to save yourself quite a bit of time.

If you are in the middle of an appeal where most of the donations are in response to the appeal, you can add default values (like the appeal and campaign codes) to your quick entry form for gifts. Even if you use the “standard” form, these values will default for you. And don’t worry; you can override them when entering donations if you wish.

Perhaps you want something a little less persistent. If you organize your donations according to similarity before entering them into your database, you can enter part of the first one and use CTRL+F2 to set temporary defaults. Then, when you enter your subsequent gifts, simply press F2 to apply the defaults. You can even change these defaults mid-entry when you move to a second stack of donations that have a different set of similarities.

Also, take a couple minutes and check out the shortcut keys. You can likely avoid the mouse altogether once you learn the keystroke combinations to get you from looking up a record (ALT+N) all the way through saving and closing the form (ALT+S).

Have you discovered other time-savers you think others may not know about? Please share them in the comments below!