Giving Metrics and Benchmarks: Something Quick and Easy

For many organizations, the change of the calendar year results in a frenzy of year-end processes, including sending tax statements to donors. Now that February is here, and everyone has a few moments to recover from January, I’d like to ask you to do something.

Please participate in the Fundraising Effectiveness Project’s Annual Survey. Participation is easy; you can do it from within ResultsPlus, and it only takes a minute (even less for many organizations).

What’s In It for Us?

We are able to use the data submitted to generate statistics regarding how fundraising went last year. We can provide them to you, along with a few ideas on what you can do with the data and statistics to improve your performance. We can also do research into the market to see if we can help identify what contributed to the outcome of the data.

What’s In It for You?

You can compare your individual organization’s performance to that of the ResultsPlus customer base as a whole. You can also compare your individual performance to that of all Fundraising Effectiveness Project participants in the nonprofit sector.

  • You can identify areas for improvement in your fundraising activities.
  • You can identify where you are doing well.
  • You can do your part as a “nonprofit community citizen” by contributing to the benchmarking and progress of the sector as a whole.

How Do You Submit the Data?

In ResultsPlus 11, you access the submission form from the System Add-Ins tab of the ribbon.

In ResultsPlus 10, you access the submission form from the Administration tab of the ribbon.

The button looks like this:

FEP Submission Bench Tool

You then complete the form that looks like this and click the Submit button:

Data Form

That’s it! Your aggregate data is sent. It is then combined with other organizations’ data to generate industry statistics everyone can use to evaluate the state of the sector as well as strengthen their individual giving programs.