This year’s #GivingTuesday came and went in a flurry of tweets, posts, likes and favorites. As a social media manager, can I just say how exciting it was to watch #GivingTuesday trend on Twitter and see the overwhelming number of posts and #UNselfies that dominated social media?

While we are not a nonprofit organization, our mission is to support nonprofits and their fundraising efforts by providing donor management software. But, whether you were using ResultsPlus or another provider to manage yesterday’s donations, we were all filled with joy to see so many people giving back after days of consumerism.

So, now that the excitement of the biggest giving day of the year is over, what’s next? As important as getting donations on #GivingTuesday is, it’s equally vital to make sure to thank all of those people who pulled an #UNselfie and gave a gift to your organization.

If your nonprofit is small and received a handful of donations on Tuesday, it may be worth your or your volunteers’ time to send handwritten notes to your donors, especially if they are first-time donors. If you’ve received large numbers of donations, there are some fun ways to make the initial contact with donors and thank them all at once.

Video thank-you: Put together a quick slideshow or clip of your staff saying a heartfelt thank-you and share it with the world! We really enjoyed this one from The Florida Bar Foundation and the personal touches they added:


Email: I received this email on #GivingTuesday immediately following my donation to the American Refugee Committee. While it’s standard for organizations to send out form emails to their constituents, it was still a welcome email to get in my inbox within five minutes of contributing. Even though you may have already sent out an email like this one on Tuesday, you may want to follow up with major donors or first-time donors with another email in the near future that has a more personal touch to it.



Photos on social media or via email: We especially like these from Best Friends and the Humane Society of the United States:

humane society



best friends


While we definitely condone these fast, simple thank-yous immediately following the event, make sure to remember to nurture these relationships. First-time #GivingTuesday donors could become your next major gift or sustained giving donors.

We hope you all had a successful #GivingTuesday!