Grantseeker's Guide

Written any grants lately? Submitted any applications recently? What is the total of all your outstanding requests? How many proposals are outstanding for your new initiative project?

grantseekers2If these questions sound familiar, and coming up with the answers is taxing, and you use ResultsPlus (or are considering it), then I have good news for you. There is specific functionality in ResultsPlus to help you record your grantseeking activity and keep on top of the answers to all those questions and more.

You’ll find it on the list of edit areas on the right side of the Executive Summary. Click on ‘Edit grants’ to enter helpful information for all the phases of the grantseeking process:

Research phase - record information about the maximum and average grants awarded by a funder, as well as details about published guidelines and application deadlines.

Application phase - record the date the proposal was due and/or sent, notes about the process, the status of the application, and the program or project it will benefit.

Award phase -  record the amount of the award so that payments can be applied and an accurate balance maintained. You can also record the dates that progress and evaluation reports are due.

Entering grant activities into your ResultsPlus database means that all your donor-related information can continue to be stored in one place. You can query on it for analytical purposes, and print grant-related standard reports to provide details and summary information about all your grantseeking activity.