Happy Belated Pi Day!

If you read the headline for this post, you likely already know what very special holiday occurred this week on March 14th. It was Pi Day, and I’m not talking about apple, pumpkin or the yummy chocolate silk varieties; I’m talking about that very special number: π

When I think of Pi, I think of hours spent in Algebra II and how the teacher had Pi printed to I-don’t-know-how-many digits taped to all four walls, completely enclosing the room in this glorious number. I thought that I’d use the first few digits of that number today to identify some things you may or may not know about ResultsPlus.

3               You can include up to 3 default sort levels in any query you write in ResultsPlus. And if you wish, you can change them after the results are returned

and sort any way you please.

.                I’m making a point here (everyone groan at the pun), let’s move on to the next number.

1               The No. 1 thing you should always do with your database is back it up.

4               There are at least 4 ways you can create reports in ResultsPlus.
1.  You can write a query and format the results as a report for printing.
2.  You can export the results of that query to Excel and add pivot tables and charts, and whatever else you can imagine.
3.  You can run a standard report designed to accept queries as the data source.
4.  You can create your own report in Crystal Reports and add it to the ResultsPlus reports menu.

1               You can see how your fundraising is going with 1 button – The Performance Overview button on the Performance tab.

5               5 days a week the phone lines are open for support. Of course you can send an email any time!

9               There are way more than 9 “shortcuts” to various ResultsPlus features. My favorite ones are available by right-clicking on items in ResultsPlus to

access the most commonly used features in those areas.

2               There are 2 main methods of accessing the ResultsPlus Help system. Click the All topics button to open the Help system at the beginning, or hit F1 from

any screen in ResultsPlus to open the help to the topic specific to the screen you are viewing. (Hey, that’s another shortcut!)

6               There are 6 ways to access mail merge (both regular letters and email) features. You can access mail merge from these locations:
1.  Individual screens (like a donor’s gift)
2.  Batch Processing
3.  Pledge Processing
4.  Membership Processing
5.  Home tab
6.  Context menus: right-click on any list of retrieved records

5               There are 5 variations of the ‘Donor List’ report. Check them out to see which one’s right for you.