Import Duty

data entryToday seems to be Import Day on the ResultsPlus Help Desk. I’m not sure if this was coincidental, or if something is significant about passing the mid-point of the summer calendar - the July 4th holiday. Regardless, there were an unusually large number of calls from customers seeking help with importing data into ResultsPlus.

The good news is that there are a number of options for getting help with your imports, and some are just a few keystrokes away:

  • You can begin by reading the built-in user assistance information related to importing data into ResultsPlus. From the How To tab inside ResultsPlus, clicking on All Topics will display the Table of Contents. There you’ll see a topic called Importing Data into ResultsPlus, and it contains a number of helpful sub-topics starting with:
    • Understanding ResultsPlus Imports
    • Overview of the import process
    • Creating Import Templates
  • You can watch the tutorial called Import a mailing list, also found on the How To tab. This is one of over 30 different self-running mini-lessons available to demonstrate some of the most commonly-used features of the product. Look for the drop-down list in the Tutorials ribbon group on the How To tab.

We offer several more advanced import service options as well:

  • One-on-One Remote Training is a $150/hour service that can be used to learn about importing data into ResultsPlus. You can even use a real import project as the basis of this training service so you can see exactly how to work with your data.
  • For a full-service option, have one of our Data Specialists perform the actual import for you. You provide a copy of your source file and, after consulting with the data specialist, your data will be imported for you. This service also runs $150/hour and is a great option for those who already have too much work on their plates and too little time on the clock.

If you’re in the middle of an import project and you encounter a problem, the ResultsPlus Help Desk can be a good resource to help you troubleshoot the issue and get you back on your way. And if you’re a ResultsPlus Online customer, make sure to have a conversation with your Metafile Administrator, since they can perform imports for you when the data is import-ready.

Questions or comments? Just let us know – we love to hear from you!