Is There More Room in Your Brain?

Have you ever seen the rocks-gravel-sand-water presentation? The presenter takes several large rocks and places them into a container until no more can fit. They ask the audience to confirm that the vase is full and receive a room full of nods in response.

The presenter then take some pea-sized rocks and adds them to the vase, allowing them to fill in the spaces around the larger rocks. Again they ask the audience to confirm fullness and receive a room full of nods, this time a bit skeptical.

The presenter now takes a container of sand and pours it into the vase, allowing the tiny grains to fill in all the nooks and crannies around the rocks. This time the audience responds with head shaking instead of nods, seeing the point more clearly.

And finally the speaker pours water into the container until it nearly overflows and the point is driven home. If you don’t make time for the big things first, you’ll not likely be able to fit them in later.

Whether you’ve been working with ResultsPlus (or any donor management system for that matter) for days, months, or years, there are always things to learn and discover as you go along. If you’re just starting out, you’ll likely focus on the big things – entering constituents and gifts and generating acknowledgments. As you move along, you’ll be able to see where there is room for the smaller rocks – like managing your contacts with major donors and prospects. And as you master these elements, the sand and water will find a home as you learn to analyze your data and use it to plan and implement your development program in the most efficient way.

The speed at which you move along that process depends on your learning style and what additional resources you take advantage of. To that end, here are ten ways to learn more about ResultsPlus:

  1. Register for the 3-day ResultsPlus Essential Elements classA8x618x69x1
  2. Explore the ResultsPlus ‘How To’ tab inside the product
  3. Register to watch a sales demo, where the main product features are highlighted
  4. Ask a colleague with ResultsPlus experience
  5. Use trial and error
  6. Subscribe to ResultsPlus.TV
  7. Review the Getting Started topic in the user assistance area
  8. Watch the recorded tutorials, found on the ‘How To’ tab
  9. Read ‘Dancing with Donors’ (search for ‘Best Practices’ in the user assistance Contents list)
  10. Post a question to the User Forums, also found on the ‘How To’ tab
  11. Set up a remote training session with our instructor on any topics you need

Use this list as a reminder of the resources available to help you fill in the nooks and crannies of your ResultsPlus knowledge. And as always, please let us know if we can help. Call the training line at 1-800-222.4096 option 3 or send an email to