Kiss Me, I'm a Grant Professional: Grant Professionals Day 2016

IGPD-2016-Keep-Calm---SoMeThis week we are celebrating Irish culture and grant professionals!

ResultsPlus from Metafile is proud to partner with the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) for the second annual International Grant Professionals Day on March 18.

International Grant Professionals Day is dedicated to celebrating the work of administrators, consultants, managers, grant-makers and grant writers. They work long hours, often behind-the-scenes, to pursue opportunities to implement projects and programs to benefit their communities and the world.

We’re not just celebrating for a day, though – this entire week is dedicated to honoring grant professionals! Each day of International Grant Professionals Week will address different aspects of the profession. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Monday, March 14: Grant Professional Education and Awareness Day
  • Tuesday, March 15: GPA Chapter and Community Event Day
  • Wednesday, March 16: International Event Day
  • Thursday, March 17: Thank you! Grant Entrepreneurs, Partners and Volunteer Day
  • Friday, March 18: International Grant Professionals Day

According to GPA President Nathan Medina, “Grant professionals are an integral part of impacting society by identifying problems, developing solutions, coalescing professionals, and securing/managing resources needed to meet societal needs.  Please join me in celebrating International Grant Professionals Day as we recognize the valuable impact that grant professionals make on society.”

To learn more about GPA and International Grant Professionals Week/Day, visit

You can also read the full International Grant Professionals Day 2016 press release on our website.