Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power – everyone knows that, right? We hear it first from our parents and teachers when they encourage us to take advantage of our education. Then we hear it again from our employers and mentors when we begin our careers.

I think the maxim is also very fitting in the context of donor cultivation. After all, the more you know about your donors and prospects, the more powerful and effective you can be in designing strategies to reach them. And the more you know about a particular donor, the better equipped you’ll be to provide them with the perfect opportunity to support your organization.

The knowledge adage can even be applied in the framework of your donor management software. Increasing your knowledge about the capabilities of your software can help unlock its power to help you achieve your goals. And at Metafile, we provide several options for you to increase your knowledge about the power of ResultsPlus:

Self-directed learning

Users are empowered to learn independently through the built-in user assistance information found on the How-To tab within ResultsPlus. Here you’ll find tutorials on a variety of topics, tips, search capability, and links to other resources like User Forums and the ResultsPlus support website. There are no additional fees for any of the self-led training options.

Curriculum-based learning

There are two options for learning more about ResultsPlus through courses with established curriculum. These are fee-based options which can help existing users refresh their knowledge and help new users get up to speed quickly.

  1. The three-day Essential Elements class (held at various locations in the US) provides a broad overview of the major functionality found in ResultsPlus. Classes are held at various locations – the most current schedule can be found on our website.
  2. ResultsPlus.TV is an online library of recorded courses and also includes tips recorded by our Help Desk staff. An annual subscription fee provides access to everyone in your organization for an entire year. Learn more about this affordable option on the ResultsPlus.TV website.

Customized learning

For those who need to learn about advanced topics or unique situations, customized consulting and training services are available. These options are offered remotely or onsite and are designed to meet your specific needs. Customized services are fee-based options. Learn more on our website or by contacting the training line at 1-800-638-2445.

Our goal is to empower you – with knowledge and resources to help power your development effort. Let us know what’s working for you.