Learning from the Learners

This week we are in the midst of a three-day session of the ResultsPlus Essential Elements class here at our corporate headquarters in Rochester MN. (We’re also in the midst of a serious heat wave, but thankfully most of the attendees are from the Midwest and are well-accustomed to this type of mood-swing in the weather.)

Meeting our customers as they come to learn about ResultsPlus is nothing new. But every once in a while you get this group of complete strangers that has amazing chemistry who are all excited to be here. And the enthusiasm is contagious! Okay, so maybe they truly are just thrilled to be away from the office for a few days, but I’m going to be optimistic go with ‘excited to be here.’

So thanks to the current class of ResultsPlus users for the chance to watch your discovery, hear your questions and ideas, and witness your passion for what you do.

Care to be in the next class? Check our website for the upcoming sessions.