Learning ResultsPlus – A Class Act

Class Act TrainingThis week is training week here at Metafile. A dozen dedicated ResultsPlus users will travel to tropical Minnesota during the first week of February to spend three days learning all they can about ResultsPlus. And despite the weather forecast that suggests it will be in the twenties with ‘a little snow,’ it will be a warm and cozy 70 degrees in our training room, with hot coffee and tea aplenty.

What really warms up the room, however, is the camaraderie that grows during the time that students are together. By the end of day three, the discussions will become more animated and the laughter more prevalent, all evidence of the significant value of a shared learning experience. It is truly enjoyable to watch.

No worries, though – the three-day ResultsPlus Essential Elements class isn’t the only way to learn how to use ResultsPlus. If a trip to sunny Minnesota isn’t in your time or accounting budget, consider one of the other ways to learn the program and choose one (or more) to suit your situation:

  • ResultsPlus.tv is an online library of recorded class sessions and user tips that can help you get a jump start in a particular area of the product. Watch multi-session courses on ‘the basics,’ pledge processing, database maintenance, and major donor cultivation. Or grab a glance at some 2- to 3-minute recorded tips and tricks to make ResultsPlus work even more smoothly for you. The best part is that you can do it all from anywhere with an internet connection and at any time you like – even in your bathrobe at home on a snow day. To sign up or get more information, visit the ResultsPlus.tv website or contact your sales rep for more information.
  • If you need to dive deeper into a particular area of ResultsPlus, consider our One-on-One Remote Training service where you pick the topic and set the agenda. This option is great for learning about things like query, importing, and project management – all things that are very specific and unique for you and your organization. It will be just you and your instructor, connected via phone and internet to work through the tasks that you most need to learn. To find out more about or schedule some remote training, contact our training department or your sales rep.
  • For those who are independent learners or who have very limited budgets, take full advantage of the built-in help system that comes with every ResultsPlus installation. It’s packed with information, instructions sets, recorded tutorials, and examples to help you learn as you go and on your own. You’ll find everything on the How To tab inside your ResultsPlus application. And don’t forget to use the F1 function key to jump right from an area of the program to the related help content.
  • If you’re about to open the program for the first time and would benefit from an overview to help you navigate, check out the videos on YouTube. There are a number of recorded demonstrations highlighting areas you may want to look further into, like project management, wealth screening, and major donor cultivation.
  • Sometimes the quickest way to an answer is to ask someone who’s been there. If you have access to an experienced ResultsPlus user, start there. If you don’t, check out the Find Answers section of the support tab on the ResultsPlus website. Here you can access a number of resources, like the Support Forums and a list of frequently-used queries. And you’ll also find a section that provides easy access to current and past issues of our newsletter – also full of interesting tips and information. You’ll need a support site login (not the same as your ResultsPlus application login) so make sure to sign up if you haven’t already done so.

The three-day ResultsPlus Essential Elements class is still the best option for fully immersing yourself in ResultsPlus and is well worth the investment of time and money. But if it isn’t in the cards for you, make sure to choose one or more other options that will best help you take full advantage of ResultsPlus.

Browse the Training page of the ResultsPlus website for the next available class. Hope to see you in class!