Making Friends

If someone told me I would no longer have access to the internet, I’m pretty sure I would cease to function. It’s not because of email, though I am quite dependent on that mode of communication. It’s not because of Facebook or Twitter, since I don’t have exciting minute-by-minute details to share about my life. And it’s not even shopping, since I actually prefer to do that the old-fashioned way.

The thing I would not be able to live without is ‘answers.’ I am completely dependent on the ability to get an immediate answer to almost any question I can imagine. Most often the questions are trivial (what was the name of that song?) or genealogic (what year was my 3rd great grandfather born?) or technical (what does this error message mean?). But when I really need a particular and meaningful answer, I seek out like-minded people. In short, I look for forums.

Forums are like support groups for products. The people who post questions in this public arena help to start the dialog, and those who post answers, comments, and shared experiences help keep the dialog running. The result is that anyone who visits the forum can benefit.

You can see where I’m heading here, right? Of course there is a forum for ResultsPlus users. It’s easy to access – right from within the product. You’ll find a happy little button on the How To tab called User Forums. It’s in a ribbon group called Talk to others, which is exactly my point.

When you click the User Forums button, you’ll be prompted to login with your website credentials – or to create a new account if you haven’t already done so. Once there, click the Support Forums link in the Find Answers section. If prompted, enter your credentials again as you proceed to the forums listing, then scroll down to the ‘ResultsPlus Support’ section to find the discussions you need.

Consider sharing your question or advice on the forums today. No matter what takes you there, you’ll be among friends.