Monthly Giving Programs

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Now, on to the actual topic of the week!

The September 2011 edition of Fundraising Success has a wonderful article on Monthly Giving by Pamela Grow. If you are a small organization, and you are interested in growing your monthly giving program, I recommend the article; it’s an easy, informative read. If your organization has a web site through which people can give, that’s great, but this article even has a low tech example!

The key to growing your program, as with many things, is how you communicate your message. And this article provides examples from organizations with compelling messages, describing in concrete terms the impact of monthly giving.  The article also identifies where you might get your prospects-from your existing donors. Ms. Grow suggests donors with a history of loyal giving or those who’ve given more than one gift in the last fiscal year. Her suggestions are also easy to implement with fundraising management systems. Fundraising systems are designed to hold this information, so you can pull donors and prospects back out based on these types of markers and then send an email, letter, make a call, invite them to an event, etc.

And finally, I think the last paragraph of Ms. Grow’s article may be the most important one. She identifies the need to re-evaluate your program each year.

Do you have a monthly giving program? What messages have worked for you when communicating the value of monthly giving programs to your donors?