Moves Management, ResultsPlus and You

An increasing number of inquiries are coming in about Moves Management and how software can help implement it. For organizations with a staff large enough for specialists, it is probably a familiar concept and term. For smaller and one-person development offices, it may be yet on the horizon.

The Moves Management concept was originally presented by David Dunlop, a senior development officer at Cornell University, as a way to break down the major donor cultivation process into specific, documentable stages. Since giving officers at large universities work with many different donors at various stages of a relationship, this was likely born of a need to better plan, budget, and be accountable for the resources of their major giving efforts.

For organizations new to major gift development, it also provided a roadmap to help understand and implement a program which would take them beyond the annual fund. It has proven to be a valuable tool for these groups, helping them shift from donation-focused fundraising to the donor-centric philosophy required in major giving.

If you’re one of the organizations moving toward a Moves Management-type process, you should know that ResultsPlus has included functionality to accommodate the process for several versions now. And the newest version provides even more features to help you implement and manage the process, with the addition of several reports and charts that can show your overall progress at a glance.

You’ll find some excellent information built into the help system in ResultsPlus that can help you get started. Check out the topic ‘Developing Major Donor Relationships’ in the table of contents on the How To tab. There you’ll find more specific information on:

  • Implementing a Cultivation Strategy (a self-running tutorial)
  • Understanding Cultivation Information
  • Recording a Cultivation Strategy
  • Identifying Key Players
  • Assigning an Account Manager
  • Scheduling Follow-Ups

By the way, you may notice that the ‘Moves’ term is not used specifically in ResultsPlus. We’ve chosen to use generic language for the actions that can help you document and manage relationships with all of your constituents.

We wish you great success with your major giving efforts and hope this information can help with your moves!