New ‘e-course’ on ResultsPlus. TV

We are pleased to announce that a new course has been added to, our online library of recorded e-learning that helps users to learn ResultsPlus. The course is called Tribute Processing and its aim is to teach you about the process of recording and acknowledging gifts made in honor or memory of people or events. In addition, the course helps you understand how to set up and notify people who might wish to know about these gifts. We call them notificants, referring to the family members of a deceased person who has been memorialized or a living person or event being honored by a tribute gift.

The new Tribute Processing course is divided into five sessions, each addressing a specific portion of the process:

  1. Tribute Processing Overview – takes a bird’s eye view of the process and lays out the basic components
  2. Constituent Record Setup – teaches you how to set up and configure the constituent records involved in the process, including the donor, the tributee, and the notificant
  3. Tribute Gift Entry – demonstrates how to set up a receipt as a tribute gift, specifying the tributee and the notificants involved
  4. Tribute Communications – describes the process to set up specific mail merge documents to communicate with donors and notificants, then merge data into them
  5. Multiple Tributes, Notificants, Donors – explains how to handle situations when there are more than one donor, tributee, and/or notificant

If you are not yet familiar with ResultsPlus.TV, we invite you to visit the website to get a closer look. You’ll find a demo showing you around the site, plus another demo with excerpts from several of the courses so you can get a feel for the tone and pace of the courses. Other courses currently available include The Basics¸ EventsPlus, Database Cleanup & Maintenance, and Pledge Processing.

You’ll also find links to other information and a host of helpful tips recorded by our front-line support staff and dealing with some of the most common questions and helpful hints they use on the support line every day. Here’s a few examples of the tips and tricks you’ll learn about:

  • Run a single-constituent mail merge
  • Use pop-up alerts for important details
  • Use shortcuts for faster gift entry
  • Subtotal your quick reports with ResultsPlus 11

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