We’re All Newbies

learningLearning a new software application is rarely easy. And while it can be exciting to experience something new, it can also be frustrating to find yourself a bit disoriented when you have so much work to get done.

We’re in that situation at this very moment, as we transition to a new system to record and manage the support calls that come in to our help desk. So right now, while our customers are calling in for help finding their way, we’re doing the same thing—cautiously navigating in new territory. Thankfully, it won’t affect the response you receive, but it will certainly help us empathize with those of you who are brand new to ResultsPlus.

If that’s you, here are some great resources available to help you become oriented to ResultsPlus fundraising software and get moving in the right direction, right away:

  • ResultsPlus demo – a recorded overview of the newest ResultsPlus version is always available on our website. Find it here, then click on View a demonstration of ResultsPlus nonprofit CRM fundraising software.
  • Getting Started with ResultsPlus – a booklet which describes and provides instruction for the most common and basic tasks you will perform in ResultsPlus. Find it on the How To tab inside ResultsPlus. Click All Topics, then Getting Started, then Getting Started with ResultsPlus 11 (PDF).
  • Tutorials – a series of recorded demonstrations to teach you how to accomplish specific tasks in ResultsPlus. Find them on the How To tab inside ResultsPlus. In the Tutorials group, click the drop-down area to select a tutorial, then click Show me!
  • Dancing with Donors: planning your ResultsPlus system – a booklet which highlights functionality which can help you get the most out of ResultsPlus. Find it on the How To tab inside ResultsPlus. Click All Topics, then open the Administering Your ResultsPlus System topic and choose Best Practices.

There are also free webinars scheduled regularly that provide an overview of ResultsPlus. To sign up, click here. We also have a few YouTube videos on various topics that give you a glimpse into some of the great features available. Check those out as well.

It’s tempting to feel like you need to learn all about all the features of the software before you begin, but that’s an overwhelming approach that will take you a significant amount of time. Instead, consider starting with the most important things that you need to accomplish for your job today. Let your work goals drive your learning path through the program and let ResultsPlus help you get your work done.

Welcome newbies! We’re here to help you – just let us know.