Nonprofit Software Advice: Take it Digital

It may be hard to believe, but there are still plenty of organizations out there who are using “manual methods” to store and manage their fundraising information. They may be keeping lists on paper or in spreadsheets, but they apparently don’t have software that is specifically designed to manage donors and other information specific to nonprofits, according to the results of the ‘BuyerView 2014’ survey conducted by Software Advice, an organization that reviews and provides software-purchase advice throughout all sectors of the business community.

“A lot of things are driving the continued use of manual methods,” said David Forrester of 501 Commons, a nonprofit consulting firm based in Seattle. The size of the organization, their budget and their access to technology skills are what he sees as the main reasons. “Nonprofits tend to focus as little time, energy and resources on technology as possible in order to maximize focus on delivering on their missions.”

The survey analysis indicates that the organizations in the sample are typically smaller in size (fewer than 10 employees) and far more interested in a web-based solution, which makes perfect sense. Smaller organizations are less apt to have in-house IT staff, so the built-in technology support that comes with web-based software applications can be a significant way to save resources in the process of becoming more efficient.

It seems to me that organizations that have yet to enter the digital-data world will benefit from a user-friendly application with lots of support. Whether you purchase the nonprofit software to install in your environment or purchase the software as a service, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for in ResultsPlus.

Would anyone out there care to weigh in with their own software advice?