Blogging from the NTC

For those of you who are wondering what the NTC is, it’s the nonprofit technology conference held by NTEN (Nonprofit Technology Network) each year. Historically, I’ve enjoyed the conference and always learned a lot when I’ve attended. This year is no different! I wanted to jot a few notes about what I’ve learned so far,….. Read more »

Can they see right through you?

Two side-by-side articles on the front page of the NonProfit Times March 1st issue were pretty eye-catching: “Pink Ribbon Gets Black Eye” and “Where’s Your 990?” I doubt it was by coincidence that these two articles were paired together, since both aim at the issues of accountability and transparency by charitable organizations. Later in the….. Read more »

Happy Belated Pi Day!

If you read the headline for this post, you likely already know what very special holiday occurred this week on March 14th. It was Pi Day, and I’m not talking about apple, pumpkin or the yummy chocolate silk varieties; I’m talking about that very special number: π When I think of Pi, I think of….. Read more »

Write It Down

A number of years ago I was working for a company that was engrossed in business strategies like ‘Total Quality Management’ and ‘Continuous Improvement.’ For a while it seemed that all we did was plan. We even had planning meetings to plan our plans. At the time, I don’t remember accomplishing all that much, which….. Read more »

How Do Enhancements Get Identified?

As we’re getting ready to release ResultsPlus 11 (phase 1), I’ve been thinking about version 12…and 13…and… It comes up fairly often that a customer asks how to submit a suggestion for an enhancement, and it’s easier than you might think. Every enhancement suggestion submitted, either by email, phone, or pony express, gets entered into….. Read more »

Another Wish for You

It’s time for another wish from my ‘if only I knew then…’ list. If this makes no sense to you, check out my post from two weeks ago where I promised to share some of the things I’ve learned about ResultsPlus I wished I’d known when I was sitting on your side of the desk. This post….. Read more »

The Old is New Again (Segmentation), and For Good Reason!

I’ve been seeing a lot written about segmentation lately. I even attended a Network for Good NonProfit 911 webinar on that very topic this week-and it was excellent. The concept of segmenting your prospect and donor data is nothing new, but the recent re-focus on the concept has me “all aflutter.” I love segmentation because….. Read more »

Fundraising Effectiveness Project

Now that another calendar year has passed, it’s a logical time to evaluate your fundraising efforts for 2011. Did you obtain new donors? Did you increase the size of the average gift over the previous year? Did any of your donors increase their giving? It’s no surprise if these questions seem familiar to you since….. Read more »

Nifty Reports You Didn’t Know You Had

If you read Marcia Grimm’s post last week mentioning she wished she would have recognized the value of reports (where she even shared a few), you may be wondering about what other reports are available. Here are a few common ones I like to highlight. ResultsPlus reports are divided into a number of categories. I’ll….. Read more »

Sharing my Wish List

The past five years as a member of the Metafile support team has given me a fascinating perspective on my former life as a fundraiser. And while I’m busy looking forward and gaining new knowledge every day, I often catch myself looking back with that annoying cliché: “if only I knew then what I know….. Read more »