Donor Retention Rates/Growth in Giving

The results for the 2010 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey  are now available. This annual survey is conducted as part of the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, of which Metafile is a charter member (Donor Software Workgroup). The project was started by AFP and the Center for Nonprofits and Philanthropy at the Urban Institute. With this new data, the project….. Read more »

Thank You Letter Ideas

I read a post on the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s website the other day titled, “Making Sure No Donor Gets the Same Thank-You Letter Twice” ( It was an interesting and short read about one organization’s approach to ensuring that its acknowledgment letters are continually updated and refreshed so that donors do not get the same….. Read more »

Volunteer Coordination

As a volunteer, I’ve coordinated other volunteers for a few different organizations, and I hope that sharing some of what I’ve learned, and soliciting feedback from other non-profit professionals out there, can provide help for anybody stepping into the role of volunteer coordinator at their organization. The steps seem minimal, but they can be intense.….. Read more »

What is Give to the Max Day, and How Can You Participate?

Being based in Minnesota, I am well-aware of the “great Minnesota give together” known as Give to the Max Day. (Yes, I lifted that pithy phrase off the website.) For people who are unaware of what this is, or who wonder how they, as a Minnesota nonprofit, can prepare for participation, please continue reading. Give to….. Read more »

QR Codes: What Are They? Why Are They Interesting?

There’s a lot of buzz around QR codes lately in the nonprofit community, if the nonprofit tech sites are an accurate reflection of interest. I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon. To answer the question, “what is a QR code”, it is, quite simply, a Quick Response code. There is more to this, of course.….. Read more »

Overwhelming Response + RMHC Conference!

Wow. Last week our marketing folks sent out an email to our customers announcing our new blog. Within a few minutes, we had an unexpectedly high number of subscribers. That leads me to two things: First: Thank you! I look forward to our discussions on various aspects of fundraising and donor management as we journey….. Read more »

Renewing Donors and Segmenting Communications

I’ve recently been getting communications from an organization of which I’ve been a member for a number of years. And I’ve been getting communications regarding my lack of renewal, which prompted me to go online and renew. The reason I’m mentioning this is because it reminded me of a number of things that I like….. Read more »

Inaugural Post – Welcome to the RP Blog!

Greetings! This is my first post for the RP Blog. My hope for this blog is that it can serve as a place to find fundraising information and ideas. While ResultsPlus is a donor management/CRM product, so many aspects of fundraising are sourced from, entered into, and reported from products like ours that this blog….. Read more »

What’s all the talk about the Benevon Model lately?

Do you ever feel like phone calls tend to run along specific themes from time-to-time? I know I do. When I was in Support, I remember thinking that fairly often. It turns out that it happens with our account managers, as well. One gal recently mentioned that she has spoken with a few customers who….. Read more »