Plans for 2012

As the new year kicks off, I wanted to take a few moments to share with you some of our plans for ResultsPlus in 2012.

ResultsPlus 11: We are busy testing ResultsPlus 11. It will be rolled out in 2 phases. The first phase will be a special edition that includes support for using Moneris as a credit card and ACH/EFT processor. We are excited about this new partnership with Moneris. There are a number of additional enhancements we’re testing for this first phase of version 11. Here are just a few:

  1. Quick Entry for Gift, Pledge, and Membership now supports an Excel-style entry format, making the process even quicker.
  2. Support for “Single Sign-On” has been added. This enables you to map your Windows user account to your ResultsPlus user account. When this is done, ResultsPlus will ask you to enter your Windows username and password when you log onto the database, enabling you to use the same username and password for ResultsPlus that you use for your other network activity. This also enables organizations to enforce their password policies, even in ResultsPlus, providing a more secure environment.
  3. You can now send your ResultsPlus contacts to other calendar programs using the iCalendar format. This enables you to share appointments with people who don’t use ResultsPlus, even if they don’t use Outlook. If you wish to send the appointment to a Board member, for example, but you do not know what calendaring program he or she uses, you can do so. Most major programs accept the iCalendar format.
  4. You can email scheduled contacts to the solicitor and other cultivators associated with a given contact record.
  5. Customers with the Platinum edition of ResultsPlus will be able to run an immediate backup whenever performing maintenance or import tasks. This will enable you to ensure you have a recent backup whenever you make large-scale changes to your data.

The first phase of version 11 will be made available the end of February. The second phase will include additional features like project management and document archival. We’ll have more to come on that in the coming months.

New Blogger: We’re adding a new regular blogger in 2012. Her first post was last week. Marcia Grimm will be a regular contributor to this blog. She has been a Development Director and Executive Director for multiple nonprofits in the past. She joined Metafile in Technical Support a few years ago. Recently she has taken a new position as Development Education Director here at Metafile. I look forward to reading her posts from the perspective of having worked in both industries!

New Courses: In addition to the ongoing changes in our tips and tricks section, we’ll be adding new courses to our online education site, We’ll have more to share on that in the coming months as well. Look for changes during the first half of the year.

Happy New Year! We look forward to continuing to work with you in 2012.