Refresh Yourself!

This post is about a handy key I suspect you may not often use: The F5 key. The standard use for the F5 key is to refresh or reload. You can use this key to reload web pages in your web browser, for example. This key is also very helpful when used inside the ResultsPlus application.

From within ResultsPlus, pressing the F5 key…

  • Will refresh the calendar entries for the visible timeframe on the Calendar tab.
  • Will refresh the list of queries available to you on the Queries tab.
  • Will refresh the list of constituents, assuming the list was generated from Groups and is flagged as “refreshable.”
  • Will refresh the list of open batches and the receipts they contain from the Open Batches of Receipts tab.

And for those of you in Minnesota, I wish you much fundraising success for yesterday's 4th annual Give to the Max Day! Today, hopefully you’ll have time to sit down with a glass of sparkling cranberry juice-my idea of a refreshing beverage perfect for autumn!