ResultsPlus and the Discovery Call

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a webinar presented by John Greenhoe, author of the book called ‘Opening the Door to Major Gifts: Mastering the Discovery Call.’ I suspect the term ‘discovery call’ was borrowed from the sales world, referring to the point at which a cold prospect becomes warm.

In the context of major gifts development, the discovery call is a face-to-face meeting with a prospective donor to help determine if there is potential for a meaningful relationship.  If successful, you will have at least planned a follow-up action or scheduled another visit to talk more. You will have led them from the identification stage into the cultivation stage of your major giving pipeline.

Greenhoe suggested that it can take seven attempts to get a prospective donor to commit to that first meeting. Seven! No wonder 25% of responders to a recent AFP survey said that this task causes them apprehension – even more than making the ask itself!

If you’re working with a large list of prospective donors, keeping track of those attempts can represent a significant challenge. What better reason do you need to use the ‘Cultivation Data’ area of ResultsPlus? You can record your call attempts, schedule appointments, set reminders, document your strategy, and move prospective donors along the stages of your major gifts pipeline.

Sound like something that might help you? For an overview of the functionality, open the help system and look in the Table of Contents for the topic called ‘Developing Major Donor Relationships.’ There is also a 7-session course available to ResultsPlus.TV subscribers, and a preview of that course on our YouTube channel.

Check it out and let us know what you think.