ResultsPlus Platinum: A Few Fun, Fresh Features

Gearing up for a special event for your organization this summer? If you haven’t yet seen the new Projects features of ResultsPlus Platinum, you might want to take a look. It’s been available for a while, and we’re already starting to make improvements based on suggestions we received from our customers.

For example, organizers of large dinners needed not only a way to assign seats for large dinner events, but also to make those inevitable eleventh-hour seating changes to accommodate late registrants and last-minute cancellations. So we added a utility to change seat assignments to help you get everyone placed in just the right

Beginning in version 11.5.6, we’ve added the ability to see more about a registered guest at a glance. Right from the Executive Summary, for those who are placed at tables, we’ve added a way to see exactly what table a guest is assigned to. You can look up a constituent and see that they registered for an event, then look a little deeper to see the exact event, dinner, and table assignment.

Also in the Projects area, we’ve made a few tweaks to help you enter and identify guests without needing to add them as new constituents in your database. For dinners, golf tournaments, and other events, you can register your constituent as the main attendee, then include the names of others they’ve invited as fellow seated guests, golfers, or attendees. Your constituent may be purchasing all the tickets, but you’ll still be able to print a list of all who will attend, or print individual place cards for your tables or nametags for their guests.

For those of you who are actively using digital communications to connect with you constituents, there’s now a way to mark the records of people for whom text messages are acceptable. Beginning in version 11.5.6, you’ll see a new ‘Ok to Text’ checkbox in the Address area, right next to the field where you enter a constituent’s cellphone number. When you’re requesting communications preferences from your constituents, consider adding this communication channel so you’ll be prepared for a future text message marketing campaign or appeal. This new feature is a part of the standard ResultsPlus version.

If you’re not yet running the Platinum version of ResultsPlus, and are interested in finding out more, start by checking out the list you’ll find on the How To tab inside your ResultsPlus application. Click the ‘All Topics’ help icon (white question mark in a blue circle in the upper right corner of your screen) and choose the second topic:  What’s New in ResultsPlus 11. You’ll find a list of Platinum features in the last section of the document.

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