The Running Man

If you’re a fundraising professional, I suspect you might have the same pile of magazines and newspapers building up on your shelf that I do. You know them - the magazines and newspapers, whitepapers and shared articles that people have passed on to you because you’re next in line on the literary trail. If you’re like me, you have great plans to go through those while you’re eating lunch at your desk one day. Then months go by and the pile has not moved  or changed, except for an increase in height.

Well I finally did get to that pile this week and it reminded me of why I don’t just pass them on without reading them. There in the middle of the March 2013 issue of Fundraising Success was an article written by one of the most phenomenal people I’ve met in my life so far. His name is Bryce Gaudian, and I met him at an AFP conference where he was representing his company in their booth at the expo. He was warm and pleasant at first handshake, but over time I came to realize that was only one of his lesser assets.

Never have I met a person who lives and breathes ‘good’ in such a natural way. He runs marathons to help his favorite charities, usually for underprivileged children. But he doesn’t do it alone – he brings you with him.

I don’t think Bryce ever actually thinks about doing good things, he just does them. I think it’s in his DNA and I know it’s in his heart. I’d like you to experience this truly unique and exceptional example of philanthropy, so I’m offering this link to the Fundraising Success article  written by him. I hope you enjoy it and are inspired by it as much as I was.