At Your Service

I spend a bit of time with customers who are exploring ways to take their ResultsPlus application to the next level. Through Metafile’s Consulting Services offering, I get a chance to learn about their business processes and daily practices so I can help them better utilize the program to meet their needs.

It’s truly a privilege to be allowed into the inner sanctum of these organizations. It gives me a chance to observe development teams working collaboratively to solve problems, create solutions, and learn skills. It’s very rewarding to watch these dynamic groups of people make decisions based on what they’ve learned from the experience and I never fail to leave without learning something new myself.

While it’s not the most affordable option for getting help with your ResultsPlus application, it may be the best value in terms of long-term benefit. But if you find yourself short on time, human or financial resources, know that there are also some other types of help you might consider:

  • Virtual Onsite Consulting - needs assessment and concept discussions delivered via remote computer and phone connection and provided on an hourly basis
  • One-on-One Remote Training - task instruction delivered via remote computer and phone connections and offered on an hourly basis
  • ResultsPlus Essential Elements class – three-day classroom sessions focusing on the most commonly-used features of ResultsPlus

For more information on the services Metafile has to offer to ResultsPlus customers, check out the ’Services to help you succeed’ section of the ResultsPlus website.