Sharing and Learning: ResultsPlus Essential Elements Training

We’re excited to be in the midst of another session of the ResultsPlus Essential Elements class here at our corporate office in Rochester, MN this week. The class is full and so, as it appears, are the
heads of all the wonderful ResultsPlus users who have come to absorb all the knowledge they can

Here are a few fun facts about the current soon-to-be alumni:

  • They represent seven different states: Iowa, Oklahoma, Illinois, South Dakota, Indiana, Louisiana, and Minnesota.
  • Common in this industry, they are predominantly female. The men represent only 18% of the student body.
  • They come from a variety of subsectors in the nonprofit world: human service agencies, healthcare organizations, religious organizations, and education.
  • Job titles suggest a wide variety of positions and responsibilities: administrative assistants, development officers and directors, business managers, data specialists, and grant writers.
  • They’re a pretty healthy bunch: most are passing up the coffee and soda and going instead for the nice refreshing water.

After spending three days together in the Essential Elements class, there is often a camaraderie that develops among attendees, born mostly from the learning they share, the ideas they exchange, and the sheer amount of time they spend together. Whatever the cause, it’s gratifying to watch and we’re grateful to go through the experience with this dedicated group of nonprofit professionals.