Sharing my Wish List

The past five years as a member of the Metafile support team has given me a fascinating perspective on my former life as a fundraiser. And while I’m busy looking forward and gaining new knowledge every day, I often catch myself looking back with that annoying cliché: “if only I knew then what I know now.”

So for what it’s worth I’m going to periodically share some of these insights with you (presumably a ResultsPlus user, development professional and blog reader) in hopes that they might prove to be helpful in your current life as a fundraiser. Let’s call it a wish list, and though it’s backward for me may it be frontward for you:

Wish #1: I wish I would have recognized the value of the reports which came built into the program. Sure I ran some of them regularly, but generally just those which showed lists of people or gifts. I missed the opportunity to take advantage of some of the more analytical reports in ResultsPlus - like the Fund Comparison Report, the Statistical History Report and the Gift Performance Analysis. All of them provide valuable information which could have helped me review my past activity and better plan for the future.

Which ResultsPlus reports do you find the most helpful? Please share, and watch for additions to my wish list for you in future blogs.