Short, Sweet and Neat

A growing number of ResultsPlus customers are using custom donation pages to integrate with their ResultsPlus application and database. Not only does this make the data entry process easier for them, it can also make life simpler for the donor who prefers to give online. It can, that is, if the webpage doesn’t chase them away before they are able to finish the job.

If you’ve ever tried to complete an online transaction or survey that seemed to go on and on, and you were tempted to (or actually did) give up, then you know exactly what I’m referring to. Experts in this industry call this the ‘bounce rate’ or ‘abandonment rate’ and no matter what you call it, it’s bad. Experts say the average bounce rate is somewhere between 51% and 67%!

Often, a new customer will want to design a form that includes anything and everything, hoping (as nonprofit organizations are predisposed to do) to get the maximum out of every expenditure of charitable dollars. And while that is a noble cause in general, in this case it can have a reverse effect.

In short, experience is teaching us that you can ask your donors to answer too many questions and make too many decisions, causing them to bail out of the process before the gift is made – the exact opposite of the original objective to make donating easier.

There is some tremendously helpful information on this subject in an article found in the Nonprofit Charitable Orgs section of the website. Author Joanne Fritz shares her own insights and links to other valuable information in her article called ‘Don’t Let Your Donation Page Suffer from Abandonment Issues.’  If you’re thinking about going this route for your own organization, it’s definitely recommended reading.

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