Spring Cleaning

It’s officially spring, and what better time to do a bit of spring cleaning on your database! A couple weeks ago there was a great article in Nonprofit Quarterly on doing just this. I highly recommend the read. And, if you’re looking for something ResultsPlus-specific, here are a few ‘cleanup’ tips.

  • Place old, no longer used, mail merge letters in a subdirectory on your network to make it easier to pick active letters during the gift acknowledgment process, pledge reminder process, and other mail merge activities.
  • Review the queries in your database. If they haven’t been run in a set amount of time, archive them (by exporting the definitions to a file and storing them in an archive location on your network) or delete them.
  • De-duplicate your database.
  • Find donors who haven’t responded in a set amount of time and mark them inactive.
  • Deactivate old codes (Funds, Campaigns, Appeals, Source, etc.).
  • Identify a couple things that take quite a bit of time and review if there is a way to make those things more efficient. (Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. So post a message in the comments section if you are wondering about a faster way to do something.)