Summer Database Lovin'

grease summer2Though the first day of summer has not officially arrived yet, many of us have already transitioned into our summer mindsets. Whether it’s Memorial Day, the last day of school for your kids, the warm weather or finally putting away that puffy winter coat, we all have a moment that pushes us into summer-mode.

For many, life gets crazier during the summer. Vacations get planned and children need to be chauffeured to all of their new activities. However, fundraisers are likely experiencing a lull as summer is the slowest time of the year for donor activity. This is a great chance to relax, soak up some rays and enjoy the warmth, but it also gives you the opportunity to get into your donor database for some much-needed housekeeping. Here are some things you can catch up on in your CRM during the slower summer months:

  • Clean up your data: Make a backup of your database, and then start the purge! Eliminate old information that you no longer need, including old acknowledgement letters and notes.
  • Merge duplicate data: ResultsPlus comes with a handy feature called the Merge Constituents wizard to help you find and merge duplicate records and help keep your database clean and organized.
  • Create a user manual: Create consistency around how your database is used in your organization by compiling notes and procedures into a single document. This is helpful for all employees and volunteers, old and new, to make sure that everyone knows the proper way to use ResultsPlus.
  • Keep learning: Before the fundraising craziness kicks off again in the fall, take advantage of the summer months to become more proficient at using your software. You can do this by watching or attending a demo, exploring the How-To section of your software or registering for an
    Essential Elements Class.

We hope you get to enjoy a relaxing and productive summer!