Thank You Letter Ideas

I read a post on the Chronicle of Philanthropy's website the other day titled, "Making Sure No Donor Gets the Same Thank-You Letter Twice" ( It was an interesting and short read about one organization's approach to ensuring that its acknowledgment letters are continually updated and refreshed so that donors do not get the same letter more than once. I don't think that the idea of updating letters periodically is a new one, but what is interesting to me is that there is a source for finding new letter content. And that's my reason for this post.

There are examples of fresh wording to use in your letters as you highlight your organization's success, your needs, your donors' successes, and so on. In case you missed it on the Chronicle's web site, The Great Acknowledgment Swap is a great resource for this type of content. The letters have been submitted by other professionals working in the NPO/NGO arena. If you would like to check them out, here's the link:

Do you have other "go-to" places for sharing and seeking ways to keep your letter content fresh?