Troubleshooting “Missing” Donations

I’ve recently spent time working with our Support team to help them work with customers to troubleshoot “missing” donations.  As more and more data entry is automated, when something suddenly doesn’t work, it can be more difficult to figure out what went wrong and where the data is. Here are a few tips to help you troubleshoot the various ways a donation can go “missing.”

The first step is to define what you mean by “missing.” Once you’ve defined the context for the missing donation, you can begin taking steps to find the donation.

  • Was the donation posted to the donor’s record, but now you cannot find it?
  • Did you receive a notice that an online donation was made, but the donation hasn’t automatically appeared in your database?
  • Do you believe you should have a donation based on viewing your Moneris reports?
  • Do you have another process that automatically imports donations on a schedule? Are those the donations that seem to be missing?
  • Write a query to view all donations that came in on or around the time your missing donation was expected. Double-check to see if it is in the list, and you just missed it when reviewing via another method.

If the donation was posted to the donor’s record, but now you can’t find it:

  • Can you find the donor’s record? If not, it may have been merged into another record. Look for that record; you will find the donation there.
  • Double check whether or not anyone deleted it. CTRL+Shift+A will bring up the change audits screen in ResultsPlus 11. Run the audit report for changes in gift. If you find that it was deleted, you may want to consider changing a number of security settings and processes at your organization to prevent this from occurring in the future.
    • Disallow editing gifts after they’ve been posted for every user.
    • Update your policies and procedures manual to include steps for entering credit memos in correction scenarios for gifts.

If you received notice that an online donation was made, but it hasn’t already appeared in your database:

  • Double –check with whoever has been designated as the recipient of any notices sent by the ResultsPlus Gift Polling Service. It’s likely this person received an email notifying him or her that there is a problem. Review the problem and take appropriate action. For example, if the error indicates that the Campaign code in the donation isn’t active, double-check your online giving site to see which campaigns are allowed and re-activate any inactive campaign codes in ResultsPlus that are also available via the website. Once the gift has arrived, you may need to eliminate this code option from your website, if it is truly supposed to be inactive.
  • Check the ResultsPlus Gift Polling Service error.log file located on the server. Is there an error there? If so, take the appropriate steps to correct the error.
  • Is the ResultsPlus Gift Polling service running? If not, restart it on the server.

If you are finding donations in your Moneris reports that are leaving you confused:

  • Don’t forget that not all donations in the Moneris report were made via your website. You could have also entered them directly into your ResultsPlus system and processed them from there. Look for those donations the same way you would any other donation that is already in ResultsPlus. Here’s a tip:
    • One-time donations made online have receipts on the Moneris site that begin with your ResultsPlus Online site initials (account name).
    • Recurring donations made online have receipts on the Moneris servers that begin with the last name of the donor.
    • Donations made from within the ResultsPlus application have receipts on the Moneris website that begin with your Moneris StoreID.

These differences are designed to enable identifying which vehicle was used to process the card (or ACH transaction). They can be helpful when troubleshooting.

The missing donations come in from some other automated process:

  • Confirm the other process ran.
  • Check the ResultsPlus import.log file to see if the import encountered any errors during an import process.