Turn On the TV

I highly recommend that you watch more TV at work.

Wait, what?

I’m talking about ResultsPlus.tv - an online library of eLearning material that provides round-the-clock access to some very helpful information. There are currently six full multi-session courses and dozens of recorded tips and tricks to help you maximize the effectiveness of your ResultsPlus application. There are even resources from past versions and information on webinars we’ve presented and conferences we’ve attended.

Accessible through an annual subscription, ResultsPlus.tv is an affordable and flexible training option with significant advantages:

Flexibility – you can access the content on-demand, wherever you have internet access.

Affordability – a single annual subscription of $425 provides access to the content for everyone in your organization.

Sustainability – the content can be watched repeatedly, helping to reinforce the information.

Consistency – the content can be incorporated into an internal training plan to help new employees get up to speed quickly.

Renewability – you can renew your subscription each year and take advantage of new content added periodically.

Sign up today using a credit card and this link, or contact your sales representative for more information atsuccess@resultsplussoftware.com.